Biden Hires Barack Obama Lawyer For Classified Documents Investigation

 January 14, 2023

Joe Biden knows he's in trouble. That's why he's hiring at least one of Barack Obama's top men to help him out of his little classified documents jam.

Biden knows the optics aren't great. Just a short while ago he fully supported an illegal raid on former President Donald Trump's private residence over claims that Trump had removed sensitive documents out of the White House and was storing them there.

It got ugly for Biden when it was discovered that he had removed and held onto sensitive documents at least three times.

America doesn't trust hypocrites, so Biden needed help quick covering up his lies.

Who better than Bob Bauer, who is a former White House lawyer for Barack Obama. Bauer is also Obama's representative to the National Archives.

Biden certainly didn't have to go far to find a lawyer close to him, Bauer's wife Anita Dunn is one of Biden's closest communications advisors.