Biden has only himself to blame for broken border

October 11, 2023

As President Joe Biden and whoever is really pulling his strings begin to grapple with a set of broken immigration policies that have become increasingly unpopular with the American public, National Review reminded us all that Biden and the Democrats only have themselves to blame for the mounting crisis.

The outlet puts the number of illegal immigrants since Biden came into office at 3.8 million, but other estimates go as high as 8 million.

The illegal influx is causing sanctuary cities such as New York and Los Angeles to cry foul as Texas officials send busloads their way on a daily basis.

Because of Biden's backdoor amnesty policies that let migrants in without detaining them and giving them resources that far exceed what they would get in their own countries, immigration is now incentivized.

Word has gotten around that conditions will be good, and more people decide every day to make the trip to the border.

The issue may singlehandedly cost Biden his re-election hopes. That's how disgusted voters are at Biden's policies and how they are hurting the country.

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