Biden Has A 'Peace Through Weakness' Policy In Iran

October 27, 2023

Sen. John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, thinks he has the perfect phrase to describe Joe Biden's foreign policy:

Peace through weakness.

Kennedy recently stopped by Fox News to explain to America EXACTLY what he means:

President Biden for the last two years has adopted the consensus view … and you can sum it up with: love is the answer. The Biden administration keeps giving [Iran] money. … And they've done it repeatedly and Iran keeps biting our hand. In the last couple of weeks, you mentioned it, Iran has attacked American assets 16 times. We've done nothing. And President Biden, in response, he just keeps giving them money.

He hasn't enforced the sanctions on Iran, on Iran's oil. They're producing about a million barrels a day. He tried to give them $6 billion in a prisoner swap. We stopped that. Through the International Monetary Fund, he's already given them $4.5 billion. He's trying to give them another $5 billion through a bill the Democrats have. And unless you think there's a reward for being stupid, do you understand that peace through weakness never works with people like the Ayatollah. They hate Americans. He hates the Jewish people. He wants to kill all of us and drink our blood out of the boot. And you can't say, well, we can sit down and reason. They just respect strength.

Sen. Joni Ernst, a Republican from Iowa, agreed with Kennedy:

Iran-backed terrorists have attacked our servicemembers and are currently holding Americans hostage, but the Biden administration has granted a top Iranian official a visa — welcoming this regime on U.S. soil with open arms.

"The appeasement must end," she concluded.