Biden, Harris post commemorations on anniversary of George Floyd's death

 May 26, 2024

Memorial Day weekend is typically meant to honor the legacies of those who died while serving in the U.S. military, but for some on the left, this particular weekend marks another occasion in the nation's history on which they would like to cynically capitalize.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris both released statements marking the anniversary of the death of George Floyd, whose passing prompted widespread protests and destructive riots back in the summer of 2020, as Breitbart reports.

Biden commemorates anniversary

Floyd, who died in a police-involved incident while resisting arrest outside a convenience store, was remembered in somber terms by the president in a post on X.

Biden declared, “George Floyd should be alive. He deserved so much more.”

“Today, I join all those who loved him and all those touched by the civil rights movement he inspired in remembering the tragedy and injustice of his death,” the president continued.

Asserting that Floyd “changed the world,” the president urged Americans to “act in his memory.”

Harris weighs in

Also taking to X to remark on the anniversary of Floyd's death was Harris, who wrote that he “deserved to be safe” and “should be alive today.”

The vice president went on to note that she was “thinking of his daughter Gianna, his family, and all those who love and miss him.”

Asserting the need to “honor his memory,” Harris said that she and the president would “reaffirm our commitment to building a justice system that lives up to its name" and continue to push for the "George Floyd Justice in Policing Act."

Remembering the truth

Though portraying Floyd as some kind of social justice martyr may seem to Biden and Harris like smart politics in an election year that has seen their poll numbers among minority communities on the decline, there are many who still recall numerous inconvenient truths about the man they now seek to lionize.

As the New York Post reported years ago, Floyd had a lengthy and violent criminal past which included time in prison for assault and robbery, multiple charges for drug and gun offenses, and accusations of attempting to pass counterfeit money just before his death.

Rather than painting Floyd as a hero worthy of honor, perhaps Biden and Harris should instead take a moment to remember another Black man who died in 2020, namely, David Dorn, a courageous retired St. Louis police captain who was murdered while trying to stop lawless looters from ransacking a pawn shop during what liberals disingenuously claimed was simply a time of righteous social justice activism.