Biden: GOP Making Things Up About First Family

 February 9, 2023

Holy cow. You could fill up quite the book with all of the horror stories I've heard about President Joe Biden's family, and still have enough material left over to write a sequel in a few years.

I know that, you know that, almost everybody in America knows that. Additionally, most of us are getting tired enough to actually admit it out loud.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden himself is NOT at that point yet.

For some reason, Biden thinks he still has a chance to get America back on his family's side.

He doesn't.

He's a cheat. Jill's a liar. Beau passed away. Hunter is a drug-addicted, prostitute-visiting, "art"-peddling loser.

There isn't one Biden in America actively making this country better right now.

The Bidens themselves seem to be the only ones who won't admit that at this point.

It's really disgusting how Joe and Hunter are using the American voters' pocketbooks as their own personal piggy banks.