Biden Gives Trump Indictment Silent Treatment

 June 17, 2023

Other than the $5,000,000 bribery payment that was recently confirmed to have been sent to Joe Biden for going after his son's political enemy in Ukraine, Donald Trump's two indictments are the biggest news in America right now.

They are perhaps not as big of a deal as revelations that our sitting president once took bribes to throw his political weight around, but a pretty big deal, nonetheless.

Such a big deal, in fact, that you would REALLY expect our president to have an opinion on it.

But he doesn't. At least not publicly.

So far, he's refused to talk about it.

Maybe it's because he's too old and confused.

Maybe it's because he has his own massive legal problems and deadbeat son to worry about.

Or maybe it's because Joe Biden was behind the whole thing.

That's what Lou Dobbs thinks:

"I don't believe it for a second," Dobbs said. He was referring to the White House's claim that Joe had nothing to do with Trump's indictments. He added:

Ad I don't believe anything that any one of the officers and officials of this administration would say and I don't believe most Americans do either.

You're right Lou. We don't believe it.