Biden getting criticism from both sides for border visit

By Jen Krausz on
 January 8, 2023

President Joe Biden finally made a visit to the border on Sunday, showing up in El Paso, Texas where migrants have been sleeping on the streets after sheltering facilities became too crowded.

Biden is attempting to change his border policies in some ways, embracing a rule that would expel most Venezuelan migrants because they could seek asylum in Mexico instead of the U.S.

But in other ways, he is attempting to allow more legal immigration--including up to 30,000 a month from Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua if they come through a legal port of entry and have a U.S. sponsor.

The left has criticized his visit as capitulation to his political adversaries and a reversal of his previous, more open border policies.

"While we understand the challenges the nation is facing at the Southern border exacerbated by Republican obstruction to modernizing our immigration system, we are deeply disappointed by the Biden Administration’s decision to expand the use of Title 42,” a group of senators wrote.

While most people want more border security, there is a sharp divide between Republicans, who want more deportations, and Democrats, who don't.