Biden flag omission considered a snub

By Jen Krausz on
 April 16, 2023

President Joe Biden loved Ireland so much when he visited last week that he kept saying he was "home," and was never going back to the U.S.

But his obvious affinity for Ireland has led British Prime Minister Nigel Farage to say that Biden snubbed the UK on the recent trip.

Farage's comment referred to the UK union flag being missing from Biden's car during his motorcade through Ireland.

“He willfully and deliberately chose and opted — along with the White House — not to fly the Union Flag, I believe this to be a genuine snub," Farage said of the omission.

It is customary to fly the union flag while visiting countries in the UK, but Biden flew the Republic of Ireland flag instead.

Biden has not been too happy with conservatives in the UK of late and has been described as pro-European union.