Biden Admits He Has No Plans To Invite Netanyahu To WH In 'Near Term'

 March 29, 2023

He refused to do it to celebrate Benjamin Netanyahu's election as prime minister in Israel, and he apparently won't be doing it anytime soon, either.

President Joe Biden told reporters Tuesday that he has no plans to extend an invitation for Netanyahu to visit the White House in "the near term."

The snub had been growing to such a degree that Netanyahu had even said that other members of his government were not allowed to visit the White House until Netanyahu himself was invited to do so.

America's ambassador to Israel, Tom Nides, had seemed to suggest earlier that same day that an invitation would be "coming soon," but Biden's subsequent remarks contradicted that assertion.

Netanyahu won election in Israel last year and put together the largest majority coalition that Israel has seen in many years.

He's seen tremendous support from nationalist and religious parties, because he has promised to reform Israel's left-wing judicial policies, though his promised overhauls have prompted controversy and widespread protests across his country, which have only exacerbated tensions with the Biden administration.