Comer: Conservative Prosecutors Looking To Pursue Cases Against Bidens

 April 8, 2023

House Oversight Chairman James Comer said this week that the Trump indictment has encouraged local attorneys to find ways to use their prosecutorial power to investigate the Biden family business for wrongdoing.

"I had two calls yesterday, one from a county attorney in Kentucky and one from a county attorney in Tennessee," Comer said. "They were Republican, obviously, both states are heavily Republican. They want to know if there are ways they can go after the Bidens now."

"Comer explained that far-left Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s charges against former President Donald Trump, which many legal experts consider weak, have 'opened a can of worms' and set a precedent on how political opponents are treated," reported Breitbart.

"They’ve set precedents now that we can’t go back on," said Comer.

Comer said Republicans can expect more Democrats, incentivized by political gain, to target Republicans in the future.

"And now you’re going to start having ambitious political people like Alvin Bragg try to make a name for themselves and go after big pie-in-the-sky federal cases. And it’s just not a good path that we need to go forward on in our judiciary," Comer said.

Comer is investigating Joe Biden and the Biden family for nine violations, including money laundering and wire fraud.

"The probe has involved subpoenaing bank records and requesting cooperation from family business associates. The probe has begun to deliver success," reports Breitbart.