Biden Family Wants Joe To Be President Until He's 86

December 8, 2022

Unlike the rest of America, Joe Biden's family apparently endorses the idea that he should be running for president again in 2024.

Don't worry about the fact that he's already too old, too slow, too confused, too uncoordinated, too goofy, too untruthful, and too corrupt to do the job; they're ready for ANOTHER four years after this current run is done.

It would make sense that the family wants the man who is already 80 years old to take another crack at it, because THEY are the ones benefitting!

Think about it, would Hunter Biden have ever actually EARNED any of the no-show "consulting" jobs he's been given over the years? Of course not. Those are all coming straight from Daddy Joe.

As soon as Joe Biden is done in the White House, so is the free ride for the rest of the family.

Of course they don't want it to end.

But America does. We're the ones that have to deal with the consequences of Crazy Joe's actions.