Biden family venture with University of Delaware exposed, Chinese payments routed through Biden's sister

 April 2, 2023

Emails between multiple members of the Biden family have revealed a conspiracy between President Joe Biden and the Chinese Communist Party using the University of Delaware.

The Biden family was set to receive $12.5 million for the establishment of the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware in 2017, just after Joe Biden had concluded his time as vice president.

After the institute was opened, the University of Delaware received foreign cash donations amounting to $33 million, of which $6.7 million came from China.

The connection is impossible to miss, and the emails between the Biden family confirmed that the deal with the University of Delaware was a classic scheme that Biden family members have used to enrich themselves.

Emails recovered from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop revealed negotiations on compensation for Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's sister, Valerie Biden Owens and her two daughters, and various Biden business associates.

The evidence recovered from Hunter Biden's laptop merely scratches the surface of the Biden family's corruption. Unfortunately, the Biden family won't face any justice until Republicans retake the White House and remove those who are protecting the Bidens.