Biden Family Conspiracy Predates Hunter Biden Laptop

 March 25, 2023

Newly released emails reveal that the Biden family has gone to great lengths to squash Biden scandal stories, and these emails predate the Hunter Biden laptop incident.

A White House aide to VP Biden in 2015 bragged that she got a reporter to admit she would "only use" negative information on Hunter Biden "if her editors hold a gun to her head."

"The emails come from the Obama administration archives and were forced into the public through litigation by the America First Legal nonprofit public interest law firm," reports JustTheNews. "They chronicle efforts by Biden's then-aides in the vice president's office to suppress stories about Huter Biden's relationship with the Ukraine energy compamy Burisma Holdings during a Biden trip to Ukraine in December 2015."

According to Stephen Miller, the president of America First Legal, the records suggest the news media has been complicit in squashing negative news Joe Biden and his family for at least ten years.

"Joe Biden and the Biden vice presidency were intimately involved in the Hunter Biden Burisma affair," Miller said.

"They were intimately aware of it," Miller added. They were intimately aware of the ethical objections, and they were intimately involved in trying to spin and control the press about it."

"The records obtained by Miller's group reveal that Joe Biden personally approved quotes in December 2015 to address his son's overseas business dealings even though the president has claimed he had no knowledge about what his son did," according to JustTheNews.

"VP signed off on this — will give this quote to both reporters in my name shortly," said then- vice-presidential press official Kate Bedingfield in an email.