Biden family business will likely end president's career, most Americans believe he 'acted illegally': Poll

October 15, 2023

A new AP-NORC poll released this week found that a majority of Americans believe President Joe Biden acted illegally or unethically in his interactions with his son, Hunter Biden.

The poll found that just 30% of Americans believe Joe Biden did "not done anything wrong" compared to 68% who believe the President has done something wrong.

Even when the polls results are broken down by party, the results aren't looking good for the president and his family.

The poll found that 40% of Democrats believe Biden has done something illegal or unethical compared to 58% who believe that Joe Biden is innocent.

Even within the Democrat Party, voters are done with the lies and the obfuscation. The president obviously has been involved in suspicious business activities, and even Democrats can no longer blindly deny it.

The president is facing an impeachment inquiry over his son's business deals, and this poll indicates that Republicans will likely have public opinion on their side.

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