Biden Falsely Claims He Taught 'Political Theory' At University Of Pennsylvania

September 16, 2023

At this point, Joe Biden's lies are getting absolutely out of control.

He stole valor on his family's behalf, claiming that Beau Biden came home from the Middle East "in a coffin." (He didn't.)

He claimed that he was NEVER involved with Hunter Biden's business deals. (He was.)

He claimed that he went to law school on a full scholarship. (Half scholarship.)

He claimed he graduated at the top of his class. (Not even close.)

Now, Joe Biden is lying again. It's hard to tell if it's his lack of honor or his advanced age that is making him say this, but the Old Man we call a president just claimed he taught "Political Theory" at the University of Pennsylvania.

It simply NEVER happened; I don't know how else to say it.

The school doesn't have any record of him ever teaching there, and neither does anyone else.

Biden's simply an "honorary professor" at the University, something that he achieved because of status, not merit.