Biden Exposed For Money Laundering, It's Worse Than We Thought

James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said that FBI officials have informed him that an unclassified informant file details a $5 million bribery scheme involving Joe Biden is currently being used during an ongoing investigation.

Comer said the FBI refused to turn over the subpoenaed unclassified document because it is being used in an ongoing probe into the Biden family bribery scheme.

The congressman added that the FBI would not provide any additional information.

"FBI officials confirmed that the unclassified, FBI-generated record has not been disproven and is currently being used in an ongoing investigation," Comer said.

"The claims made in the document are consistent with what we found and disclosed to you all in Romania. It suggests a pattern of bribery where payments would be made through shell accounts and multiple banks,” Comer continued.

"In May, the House Oversight Committee’s probe found the Biden family business, over the course of several years, received at least $10 million from business schemes in Romania and China," reports Breitbart.

"There’s a term for that, it’s called money laundering … So we feel that this accusation is consistent with a pattern that we’re seeing, frankly, in other countries." Comer added. "FBI officials confirmed that the unclassified FBI-generated record has not been disproven and is currently being used in an ongoing investigation."

The FBI file came from an interview the bureau conducted with an informant.

Reportedly, the informant is a "highly credible" FBI source with a history that dates back to the Barack Obama administration.

Comer said on the Sean Hannity show on Fox that he questions whether the FBI took any action based on the "credible" source.

"Their answer to me, Sean, 'it is now part of another investigation,'” Comer said. "We don’t know which investigation. We don’t know when the investigation began."