Biden Ending Trump Wall Results In Abandoned Rusting Steel

 July 11, 2023

When Joe Biden took over America's presidency from Donald Trump, he immediately ended the progress that Trump had made toward securing our southern border.

In fact, he didn't just end it, he DESTROYED IT.


Something had to be done with the wasted steel lying near our border, right?

WRONG. Joe Biden is simply leaving it there and letting the citizens who want their lawns back to deal with the issue.

Russell Johnson is a cattle rancher in New Mexico, and there hasn't been a day that's gone by since Biden was elected that Johnson "has driven his truck down the dirt roads behind his house and not been greeted by fields of construction materials that have been left behind and forgotten by construction crews."

Biden is literally leaving the only thing securing our southern border to rot.

Hopefully when a Republican wins the election in 2024, our old friend Russell will finally find some relief from this Biden problem.