Biden Dooms The U.S. Dollar

November 23, 2022

Renowned financial analyst Jim Rickards is good at his job.

How good?

He's an ex-CIA insider and financial advisor to America's Pentagon. The man has been a leading voice in global finance for decades. So much so, in fact, that the American government paid him for his services.

It's important to always remember how deep on the inside of America's federal government Rickards was. That's how he knows our government is destroying our own dollar.

"The U.S. dollar as we know it is doomed," Rickards said. "President Biden signed the death warrant himself on March 9th with Executive Order 14067."

This is a pretty sinister move by the President, to tell you the truth, and I bet 99 percent of Americans have no idea about it.

Ninety-nine percent of Americans have no idea about ANYTHING the federal government's doing. That's because Joe Biden and friends like to keep it a secret when they're doing things like DEMOLISHING OUR OWN DOLLAR.

You can read Rickards' full analysis at the link below.

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