Biden Doesn't Care About Women. His Family Is Proof

Joe Biden tells us again and again that he cares about women. In fact, one of the ideas that Joe thinks makes him better than Trump is that Biden loves women and Trump hates women.

I'm not saying that Donald Trump has done what is correct every single day of his life. What I AM saying, though, is that Joe Biden has absolutely ZERO respect for women.

You only need to look at how he treats his own family to realize that.

Let's look at only two of them, and you tell me if Joe Biden is treating women appropriately.

Have you heard of Navy Joan Roberts? If not, that's because the Bidens have worked so hard to pretend like she doesn't exist. That's the daughter of Hunter Biden. Instead of welcome Navy to a loving family, they have refused to acknowledge her and even allowed Hunter to refuse to let his daughter carry the last name "Biden."

Conservative superstar Mark Levin thinks that the way Joe is treating Navy's mother is even more disgusting:

You claim to care about single women and women, and you attack Republicans relentlessly you don’t care about women. You don’t even care about that single woman. You don’t even care about the mother of your grandchild.