Biden Death Report Shocks American Public - White House Scrambling To...

September 13, 2022

The White House doesn't want you to know this amidst their struggles with inflation, the economy, the border, and election integrity...

But... they don't have COVID under control either.

On many days in America, over 1,000 citizens are dropping dead from the virus.

When Trump was in office, ALL of the deaths were labelled as his fault.

When Biden's in office, NONE of them are.

Even the Wall Street Journal can't protect Joe's awful COVID record any longer.

The U.S. has recently averaged about 320 new Covid-19 deaths each day, and the average was above 400 before the Labor Day holiday weekend, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show. The rate is far below pandemic peaks, including levels above 2,500 a day during the Omicron wave early this year. But the country hasn’t matched lows closer to 200 a day reached during a lull last year.

Roughly 85% of people who died from Covid-19 through mid-August this summer were 65 or older, a Wall Street Journal analysis of death-certificate data show. The rate is similar to 2020 peaks, before vaccines were available. Deaths trended younger for much of last year.

Covid-19 is on pace to be the third-leading cause of death for the third straight year, said Dr. Robert Anderson, chief of the mortality statistics branch at the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. Since 2020, it has trailed only heart disease and cancer, significantly reducing life expectancy.

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