Biden criticized for tying Ukraine conflict to terrorist attacks on Israel

October 21, 2023

President Joe Biden has been widely criticized for his response to the Hamas-led terrorist attacks against Israel earlier this month.

According to Breitbart's Joel Pollak, Biden's recent Oval Office address regarding the ongoing situation was nothing short of a "disaster" that places American interests at great risk.

Pollak applauded Biden for making the trip to Israel on Wednesday, saying that he got that part right, for the most part.

The concern lies with the way Biden tied Ukraine to the Israel situation, making it appear that he's still weak on Israel like he was before, and also making America's support for the Jewish state conditional upon Ukraine.

"But then he tried to tie Israel, an issue that unites the American public, to Ukraine, a war that is becoming increasingly unpopular and that Americans do not understand," Pollak wrote.

He added, "It was a worrying sign that Biden’s support for Israel might be weak, and conditional."

Pollak elaborated on why Biden's insistence on focusing on humanitarian aid to Gaza and tying in the Ukraine situation will only serve to make the situation much worse, and more dangerous.

"But he made a mistake by insisting on the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza, knowing full well that it will be seized by Hamas terrorists, and undermining Israel’s call for all the hostages — including Americans — to be released first. And now he has jeopardized funding for Israel’s war effort by tying it to funding for Ukraine’s months-old stalemate against Russia," Pollak wrote.

He added:

The most charitable way to describe this linkage is that it was an attempt to justify support for allies in general. But it looked and felt more like a way to exploit atrocities to justify billions more in defense spending. That will delight lobbyists and contractors in Washington, but will infuriate Americans who wonder why Biden will not spend even a fraction of those billions on finishing the wall along the southern border, to keep our own country safe.

Pollak wasn't alone in his opinion, as many across social media blasted the elderly president for linking the two conflicts, which are night and day different.

"Biden shouldn’t use dead Israeli children to justify sending $60B more to Ukraine, and only $14B to Israel…Why does Ukraine need more than the $113B we already sent them? I want to know where all this money is going…," Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News wrote on X.

Pollak summed it up best by writing, "Israel is not Ukraine. Israel is a much closer ally. It is a democracy, and has been for far longer than Ukraine. Its intelligence assists U.S. counter-terror operations; its technology, like the Iron Dome, keeps American troops safe."

Only time will tell if the White House and Democrats continue to attempt to link the two conflicts to drum up support for sending Ukraine billions more in aid.

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