Schweizer: Biden Criminality Is A 'Clear-Cut Case'

 August 25, 2023

It really is shocking, but America's lamestream media is still neglecting some of the biggest bombshells in American presidential history:

One of them is the fact that the entire Biden family has been corrupted by bribery.

Investigative journalist Peter Schweizer recently explained the situation on a recent episode of the Drill Down podcast. He said:

This is a clear violation of the law. This is criminal conduct that’s occurring. This is a direct bribe. It’s a quid pro quo. The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter if you ever demonstrate that a single penny went to Joe Biden, because bribery can mean paying off your family. If a politician’s family gets paid and the politician performs a service for that, it’s a bribe in the same way. So, to me, this is now a clear-cut case.

He's absolutely right.

Joe was NOT acting in the best interest of America when he was vice president. He was acting in the best interest of Hunter Biden.

"He did what his son’s benefactors told him to do," said Schweizer. "We even have independent confirmation of this, from a State Department official named George Kent who dealt with Ukraine. Kent told the Senate Oversight committee that in Dec. 2015, he was advised by Biden’s staff to avoid mentioning Zlochevsky, and instead recommended to say, “I’m not going to get into naming names or accusing individuals."