Biden Crime Family Will Crumble If Forced To Testify

November 3, 2023

Alex Marlow, who is really riding the high of his recent bestselling book Breaking Biden, has a bold prediction for America:

If we can get the Biden family and force them to testify, their stories will unravel in no time at all.

That's because ALL of the Bidens have different stories at different times, and without getting them all together and making them come up with one coherent narrative, we're simply allowing them to make the waters too muddy to see what's really going on.

James Biden, Joe Biden, Frank Biden, Hunter Biden, and their buddies all have different explanations for different massive sums of money being passed around, and none of them make any sense when cross-referenced against each other.

Luckily for them, they haven't given testimony together. It's only happened while they're each on their own, with nobody else around to corroborate or disprove their lies.

"I am optimistic that the House is going to proceed in a way where we’re going to see Bidens have to testify, and the answers they’re going to give to these questions, Grant, are going to blow your mind. They are terrible when they actually have a microphone in front of them and are forced to give answers. And if they keep pleading the 5th, they’re going to look like the crime family that they are. I cannot wait for this," Marlow said.

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