Biden Approval Continues Its Decline

 January 26, 2024

There's only one man who had a worse approval rating at this point in his presidency recently than that seen by Joe Biden right now.

That man would be Jimmy Carter, a person many Americans consider to be the worst president in American history.

Biden's average approval rating during his third year in office was a paltry 39.8%.

I thought that more than half the country voted for this bozo, so how has his support dropped to under 40%?

He should be embarrassed and ashamed.

Biden's approval rating has declined from just under 49% in his first year and exactly 41% during his second year in office.

Biden's approval ratings for those first two years are also the second worst in recent American history.

Surprisingly, it wasn't Jimmy Carter who was less liked during those first few years.

It was Donald Trump.

He is the man who's going to make sure that Biden's fourth year is even more miserable than his third.