Biden continues 'friendly' interviews that avoid any mention of impeachment, low polls

By Jen Krausz on
 October 4, 2023

For the last five months, President Joe Biden has given only "friendly" interviews that have avoided questioning him on the growing corruption investigation into him and his family, the impeachment inquiry into those allegations, and other allegations that his DOJ covered up and prevented investigations into Hunter Biden that might have included him.

On Friday, he conducted the latest such interview with ex-CNN White House correspondent John Harwood, which was published in ProPublica on Sunday.

Harwood allowed Biden to steer the conversation to "threats to democracy," including (according to Biden) Republican leadership.

This was the closest Harwood got to mentioning Biden's troubles:

Speaker McCarthy has advanced an impeachment inquiry on the basis of innuendo about your son, but not evidence of wrongdoing by you. He's done that partly to try to keep his job, partly to try to persuade some of his most extreme members not to shut the government down. What does that say about the current Republican Party's ability to govern in our constitutional democracy?

These kinds of softball questions would have been laughed out of journalism a few decades ago, but now everyone has sold out their ethics to try to keep their preferred people in power.

It's sad, and the fall of the republic may not be far off if they can't find a way to get their integrity back.