Biden Considering Lifting Sanctions On Venezuela

 August 26, 2023

President Joe Biden's team is holding talks with the socialist dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

The purpose of the talks is for Venezuela to convince America to lift oil sanctions against the country.

Maduro is saying that unless America agrees to lift the sanctions, the Venezuelan people are not going to be able to experience "free and fair" elections.

Maduro is essentially holding the right to a fair election for his people hostage, and he is trying to make America pay the ransom.

It's sick. The type of sickness that only comes with the mental illness we call socialism and communism.

Maduro was first "elected" in 2013 via an EXTREMELY controversial election, and he's used a series of tricks to stay in power since then.

According to Breitbart, Maduro "clung to power since 2018 through the results of a sham election where only handpicked rivals were able to participate. Maduro is poised to seek 'reelection' for a second six-year term in the new sham voting cycle, as the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) amended the constitution in 2009 to remove all public office term limits."

These people are sick. The fact that Biden is willing to play ball with them means he's just as ill.