Biden claims possession of classified documents was staffers' fault for carelessness in packing old offices

By Jen Krausz on
 February 10, 2023

President Joe Biden said Wednesday that the classified documents found at his Penn Biden Center office and at two of his residences were the fault of his staffers for not checking more carefully what they were including when they packed up his old offices.

“One of the things that happened is that what was not done well is, as they packed up my offices to move them, they didn’t do the kind of job that should have been done to go thoroughly through every single piece of literature that’s there,” Biden said on PBS NewsHour.

“To the best of my knowledge, the kind of things they picked up are things, they’re from 1974, stray papers. There may be something else. I don’t know,” Biden said, even though that is nearly 50 years ago.

He also reminded interviewers that he voluntarily submitted to the searches. "I invited them," he said.

He has also accused the National Archives of mishandling the documents and said that was a reason why they ended up in his home.

Biden has been skewered in the media for storing his documents next to his vintage Corvette, in his garage which could have been accessed by any number of people, including foreign business associates of his son Hunter Biden, who lived in the home for a time just after Biden's tenure as vice president ended.