Biden causes confusion by ending gun control speech with 'God Save the Queen'

By Jen Krausz on
 June 18, 2023

People who don't already know that President Joe Biden is mentally diminished were very confused on Friday when he ended his remarks at a gun control conference by saying, "God Save The Queen."

He spoke about a storm that was reportedly coming into the area, saying "Is that the truth? Now, do not make a lie – as that scene in the John Wayne movie – don't make me a dog-faced, lying, pony-soldier."

He then said, "I will stand in front of each section – no, I really mean it -- if you can see the camera, they can see you. It is the least consequential part of this whole meeting for you, I promise."

He followed up that confusing comment by saying, "All right. God Save the Queen, man," then looked around for where to exit the stage.

Not only did his closing remark fit better with a speech in the UK, but it was also anachronistic because Queen Elizabeth II died in September.

The press admitted to being mystified about why he would utter that phrase, and one political strategist called it evidence that he was "truly incapacitated."