Biden Caught In Sick Rape Scandal - Nation Stunned...

July 14, 2022

By now, you may have heard the tear-jerking story of the age 10 Ohio girl that traveled to Indiana to get an abortion.

Even Joe Biden hoped to make you feel bad for not being pro-choice by spreading her story around the land.

However, when Joe and other Democrats tell this story, they leave off a very important piece of information.

The age 10 girl needed an abortion because she was raped by an illegal alien.

Age 27 Gershon Fuentes has admitted to raping the girl twice.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed that Fuentes is an illegal alien living in the United States.

So, if Biden would do something about the southern border, this situation wouldn't have popped up in the first place.

A second disgusting lie is the idea that the girl had to travel to Indiana for some reason.

Ohio's law does mostly restrict abortions, but they are allowed in cases that involve medical emergencies like rape. The girl never had to leave Ohio.

It's a sad story for sure, but what's even more sad is Biden trying to gain sympathy points from a scenario he caused.

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