Biden Can't Hide Fact His Healthcare Scheme Is Socialism

September 6, 2023

Joe Biden won't admit it, but his new proposed healthcare plan is nothing but socialized medicine.

Biden is promoting his plan as something that will be good for America because it will cap prices on certain medicines. That's literally the only good that's been advertised as coming out of this whole thing.

And all we need to do to enjoy this slightly cheaper medicine?

Hand over our healthcare to the federal government.

Sound familiar yet?

"If you like your plan, you can keep it!" then-President Barack Obama promised before taxing Americans into oblivion.

We've been through this before with Obamacare, and we can see it all getting ready to happen again.

Biden has created a healthcare plan that gets the federal government more involved in citizens' health choices than ever before.

And some bozos in America have the audacity to try to convince us this is a good thing?

If liberals in the federal government are telling you they're here to help, RUN.

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