Biden Cancels Australia Visit

President Joe Biden, like usual, is not going to be following through on his word.

At least this time it's the country of Australia he lied to, and not the people in America who are counting on him to keep us safe.

Instead of visiting Papua New Guinea and Australia as Biden had originally planned, he's going to skip those stops on his international tour.

Old Joe had planned to visit Sydney, Australia to meet with the leaders of Australia, Japan, and India to discuss China's rising power in the region.

Instead of doing that though, Biden has said that he needs to be in America to negotiate with Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (CA) on America's debt ceiling, because "defaulting on the debt is simply not an option."

Weird though, if that's really been Joe's perspective all along, why was he so against sitting down to negotiate with Republicans up until this point? Maybe he just needed an excuse to miss a meeting that could have started keeping China in check?