Biden Campaign Kicks Up Efforts To Hide Biden's Frequent Falls

 July 27, 2023

NBC Senior White House reporter Peter Nicholas recently appeared on Morning News Now.

While there, he commented on just how far the White House is going to protect President Joe Biden from falling in front of America again and again.

Instead of acknowledging that something is clearly wrong with the old man, the White House is simply trying to cover it up.

For example, President Biden is now using the shortest possible steps to board Air Force in because the White House is supposedly trying to protect his "health and safety."

Baloney. They're not all that worried about maintaining what little health Biden has left. They're simply worried about hiding the fact that the president can't even walk from A to B without stumbling these days. Nicholas explained the efforts, saying:

Well, one thing that they’re doing is trying to minimize the chances of another fall. These stumbles on the part of President Biden are embarrassing. They’re a threat to his health and safety. And they reinforce concerns that voters already have, that, at 80 years old, he’s simply too old for the job. That’s what polling shows. So, they’re having him walk up a shorter staircase to get to Air Force One as opposed to taking the longer staircase that leads to that iconic doorway at the top of Air Force One. So, he’s going up to the belly of the plane, and that reduces the risk of a fall, that’s one thing.