Biden Campaign Attacks CNN

 May 13, 2023

What do Joe Biden and Anderson Cooper have in common?

It only took one appearance on CNN since 2016 by Donald Trump to have both of them completely turn on the network.

Cooper was so upset that Donald Trump appeared on the network to drive ratings up that he said that CNN fans "have every right to never watch this network again."

Biden's reelection campaign apparently felt the same way:

Biden's personal twitter account even tried to use Trump's appearance to fundraise.

"It's simple, folks," Biden asked. "Do you want four more years of that? If you don’t, pitch in to our campaign."

It's ironic that Biden and his team would be digging deep in the archives to find the skeletons in people's closet, as Biden has plenty of secrets himself.

The below clip alone proves all you need about Biden. You can't trust a guy who's never come out and been honest about his hair plugs.

Joe Biden can’t stop lying
by u/PotatoUmaru in Conservative