Biden calls Trump 'convicted felon' in new ad

 June 18, 2024

President Joe Biden has finally conceded.

He has NOTHING on former President Donald Trump and he knows it.

In fact, Joe Biden has so little ammunition to take down Trump that he is beating his predecessor's recent conviction to death in his campaigning endeavors.

In a recent ad, Joe Biden attempts to tear into Trump over his guilty verdict.

“He’s been convicted of 34 felonies, found liable for sexual assault, and he committed financial fraud,” the ad says.

“This election is between a convicted criminal who is only out for himself and a president who is fighting for your family,” it continues.

Biden seems to have forgotten about the fact that it doesn’t matter what he says about Trump.

Americans are not going to stop supporting Trump because it isn’t about whether he is or isn’t guilty -- it is about wanting Biden OUT of the White House!

Besides, you can only bring up the conviction so many times on the debate stage before looking like a deranged lunatic.

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