Biden Called 'Poster Child' For Excessive Federal Regulations

 May 4, 2023

Republican Senator Eric Schmitt of Missouri introduced a bill that would put new limits on the "administrative state" and its ability to impose "overbearing federal regulations."

"Schmitt says his first bill as a senator, the Expediting Reform and Stopping Excess Regulations Act, or ERASER Act, 'provides the framework to ensure government bureaucrats think more critically about new rules and regulations,'" reported Fox News.

Schmitt built the bill based on President Donald Trump's 2017 executive order that put requirements on agencies to remove two regulations when issuing a new one.

"Joe Biden is the poster child for excessive regulations on hardworking Americans – somebody needs to lead the way in taking on the administrative state, and I’m proud to lead that fight," Schmitt said.

"The administrative state is comprised of thousands of unelected bureaucrats at alphabet agencies that have immense power over the lives of Missourians and Americans," Schmitt added.

"If enacted, the bill would take the Trump EO a step further by prohibiting agencies from issuing a new major rule unless it has repealed three or more rules," reported Fox News. "It also requires the agency to count the cost of a new rule and only install it if the cost is less than or equal to the cost of the rules repealed, as certified by the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs."