Rep. Mike Gallagher: Biden's SOTU speech was missed opportunity for bipartisanship

 February 11, 2023

On Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroom, House CCP Select Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Gallagher spoke about President Biden's missed opportunity to achieve bipartisanship.

Gallagher said that if President Joe Biden wants bipartisanship, he could have gotten it by using the State of the Union speech to push for things like banning CCP land purchases, keeping researchers affiliated with China’s military out of American universities, and removing the CCP police stations on American soil.

Gallagher said, "[I]f you’re concerned about a Chinese spy balloon, you should be concerned about what is effectively a spy balloon hovering in your pocket or in your bedroom, which is an app that is effectively controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. So, the CCP has a massive espionage and influence apparatus, and again, it’s not just something that’s happening in the Indo-Pacific. It’s happening right here in all 50 states. So, the President last night could have talked about that and used it to galvanize bipartisan action to do simple, smart things like ban CCP land purchases in America, get rid of PLA-affiliated researchers at American [universities], and get rid of these CCP police stations that are operating on American soil."

Gallagher continued, adding that he thinks Biden fell back into his old rhetorical trap of asking for cooperation on certain issues.

Gallagher said, "The President fell back into this old rhetorical trap of saying we seek cooperation on certain issues. Listen, the idea the Chinese Communist Party’s going to cooperate with us in a meaningful way on climate change is a fantasy and that is creating incoherence in our policy and preventing us from getting tough against the aggression we’re seeing from the Chinese Communist Party."

Source: Breitbart