Biden Falls Into Chinese Trap By Burying Spy Balloon Report...

Josh Rogin, author and columnist at the Washington Post, accused Biden's State Department of falling into the trap of the Chinese, saying the United States is giving Beijing exactly what it wants.

Rogin said that the State Department is doing "exactly what the Chinese want."

The soft Biden administration is falling into the manipulation of the Chinese by burying the FBI report on the spy balloon that made its way across the country earlier this year.

Rogin was speaking about the Chinese spy balloon report that was scheduled for release last month.

The author said that he believes China has decided "we’ll just not engage with you until you come begging, which is exactly what’s happening." He added:

Where’s the FBI report, Brian? I mean, the FBI did a report. They were supposed to release it in April. Where is it? What happened to it? Well, if you believe the Reuters reporting, and I do, the State Department buried it because they want to get back to Beijing. And that’s exactly what the Chinese want. They want us to stop criticizing all of their genocide and all of their military aggression, menacing of Taiwan, and spying, in order — so that we can make nice. This is like the old fetishization of engagement.

If you still read half the newspapers in Washington, they’ll be like, oh, it’s so great that we’re engaging, oh yeah, we’ve got to avoid the cold war and we’ve got to stop World War III. But once you make engagement the thing that your strategy is pointed at, well, the Chinese know that playbook and they’re like, okay, great, we’ll just not engage with you until you come begging, which is exactly what’s happening.

We do know this, whatever is happening with China and the United States, Americans have not been able to trust the current administration with the protection and safety of its citizens, and it all feels a bit shaky at this point. Rogin might just be right.