JD Vance slams Pete Buttigieg for inaction on East Palestine derailment

 February 16, 2023

Republican Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio blasted President Joe Biden's buddy, Transporation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, for failing miserably at his job.

On FBN's Mornings with Maria, Vance was critical of the transportation secretary in the wake of the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment and subsequent explosions spewing toxic chemicals into the air.

Vance called Ohio's events a potential "ecological disaster" and spoke about the number of other train derailments around the country.

"How much money did Ohio get in the transportation — in the transportation and the infrastructure bill? We’ve been hearing about how great this is, and yet we’re having a derailment where now people are afraid they’re going to get sick because of what’s in the air," said host Maria Bartiromo.

"Yes, that’s exactly right," Vance said. "And we’ve seen a number of really worrying reports. Reports of dead livestock, of dead fish in some of the streams. So, this is something we really need to monitor. This could be an ecological disaster. We need to stay on top of it. That’s exactly what our office is doing."

Vance noted that the governor of Ohio is doing his job, but went on to say Buttigieg is wasting time talking about things that don't matter.

Vance continued, "I commend the governor there in Ohio for staying on top of it too. But we’ve got some serious problems here. And, Maria, I’ve got to say, the Secretary of Transportation not talking about this issue, not talking about the frequency of train derailments in our country, talking about how we have too many white male workers instead of the fact that our trains are crashing at alarming rates — the guy needs to do his job."

Source: Breitbart