Biden Block on Funding To Pregnancy Centers Indicates 'Pivotal' Time in Pro-Life Fight

 January 20, 2024

It's been an interesting ride for Speaker Mike Johnson, the Republican who stood in front of America with his friends as they hissed at reporters to "shut up shut up" after Johnson was sworn into his position of power in the House.

How could it not be? After all, he is the man who became speaker of the House after what was one of the most complicated and embarrassing processes in the history of the Republican Party.

Some people think that Johnson is doing well just to have survived that time period, but others have been just as unhappy with him as they were when they recently took the gavel away from Kevin McCarthy.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Georgia Republican who has already threatened Johnson with a motion to vacate the speaker's seat.

Republicans will have more to cheer about if Johnson is able to stand up to Joe Biden on abortion, though.

Johnson is trying to do just that, recently making an effort to halt Joe Biden's decision to block funding to pregnancy centers.

Hopefully Biden's effort will be shut down, and the babies will thrive.

That's exactly what will happen if Speaker Mike Johnson gets his way.