Biden Blames Trump For Afghanistan Withdrawal Disaster

 April 10, 2023

What you are about to read is not a joke.

President Joe Biden and his team are blaming former President Donald Trump for the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Mary Bruce said that while the Biden administration puts a lot of the blame for the withdrawal from Afghanistan on the Trump administration, the White House will also continue to call the withdrawal a successful and defend how it went.

This is so confusing. The Biden administration is saying the withdrawal went well AND they are blaming Trump.

Bruce said, "The White House now concedes that they should have acted sooner, but this long-awaited report does not explicitly say that mistakes were made. And when I’ve asked repeatedly, the White House won’t say if the president has any regrets now, just that lessons were learned. And they are putting much of the blame for this withdrawal on the Trump administration."

"This morning, the White House is defending the chaotic end to America’s longest war, acknowledging, after scenes like…thousands rushing to flee Kabul, and the attack at the airport that killed thirteen U.S. servicemembers, that the U.S. should have started the evacuation sooner," Bruce continued. "But the White House is also pinning much of the blame for the disastrous withdrawal on the Trump administration, arguing their hands were tied by Trump’s deal with the Taliban to withdraw U.S. troops by the spring of 2021."

Biden has called the Afghanistan withdrawal an "extraordinary success."

"Now, pressed on this, the White House is clear, despite pointing the finger and blaming the Trump administration for much of this, they say, ultimately, President Biden is commander-in-chief, and he does bear responsibility," Bruce concluded.