Biden Blames National Archives For Classified Doc Scandal

 January 14, 2023

Joe Biden's team has a brilliant new excuse for why you shouldn't blame the president for having removed sensitive documents from government buildings at least three different times:

It was the fault of the National Archives.

CNN is backing the White House up on this claim, saying that the National Archives wouldn't have checked Biden thoroughly to make sure he wasn't removing documents because the VP isn't treated with the same regard as the president.

But if they hold the same files, shouldn't they be?

Not according to CNN, which said:

While the National Archives sends staff members to the White House to gather files and papers of the President, they do not treat all vice presidential papers with the same high regard, officials said. Staff members from the vice president’s office are often left to sort through papers themselves, officials say, rather than specialists from the Archives. While classified documents hold the same level of secrecy for presidents, vice presidents and anyone with proper security clearance to handle them, officials say, it would be easier for papers outside the Oval Office to be mixed up or left behind.