Report: Biden attorneys lied to DOJ about location of classified documents

By Jen Krausz on
 January 24, 2023

A new report in the New York Times alleged that President Joe Biden's attorneys lied to the DOJ that the only location of classified documents was at the Penn Biden Center office, when they knew there were documents at his Wilmington residence.

The DOJ apparently agreed to keep the discovery of the documents from the public based on the assurances that they were only found at Penn Biden.

When more documents were discovered at Biden's Wilmington home in late December, the information was still a secret and would remain so for several more weeks until it was finally leaked to CBS News on Jan. 9.

Later, Biden claimed he had been totally transparent about the documents, but this is completely untrue.

Biden claimed Thursday while visiting California that he had "no regrets" about his handling of the documents and that there was "no there there."

The next day after a search of his home by the DOJ, six more documents were found. Now, the DOJ is considering searching Biden's other properties for more documents.