Biden Approval Rating 38 Points Underwater With Independents

September 12, 2023

If you're going to win the general election, then you have to be able to do at least alright with independent voters.

In 2020, Joe Biden wasn't terrible at it.

In 2024, he absolutely is going to be terrible at it unless something changes IMMEDIATELY.

Biden is a staggering 38 points underwater with independent voters.

You read that right. Almost 40.

Sixty percent of American voters are unhappy with Joe Biden's current performance in the White House.

That information comes from a YouGov poll released last week that also shows Joe Biden getting a disapproval rating from an insane 70% of independents.

Biden is failing. There is simply no disputing that if you're willing to look at the facts.

Liberals completely refuse to look at the facts.

Luckily for Republicans, independent voters seem more willing to do so this time around.

America CANNOT let the rhetoric and lies from the left keep them in the White House next fall.

There's too much at stake.

Independents know it.

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