Biden Approval Nears Record Low

 March 24, 2023

Just when Joe Biden thought he had America fooled into pushing his approval rating back up, he went back to doing things that only he does best.

Those things include watching as two massive banks were run into the ground, and inflation continued to climb at an incredible rate.

Back in February, 48% of Americans approved of the job Joe Biden was doing.

In March, that number was all the way down to 38%.

Undecided voters are feeling like maybe they shouldn't have to vote for him just because he's already the president, and even Democrats are getting a little nervous about Joe's advanced age and constant blunders.

Only 31% of Americans approve of how Joe Biden has led America's economy, and that's NOT a number that is going to win you presidential elections. Regardless of what is going on in America in terms of civil rights or infrastructure, Americans REALLY care about the economy when it comes time to cast their ballot.