Biden And Clinton Got Passes, Trump Got Indicted

 June 14, 2023

The fine folks over at the Washington Examiner are truly perplexed as to why Donald Trump is facing the number of legal troubles with which he is currently wrestling.

After all, we have hard evidence that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden committed many of the same "crimes" of which Trump is accused, and those two don't seem to be travelling the rocky road that the former president is being forced to walk right now.

Elizabeth Stauffer of the Examiner explained that the things that Trump did may have been reckless, but they aren't in the same category of Joe Biden's influence-peddling operation or Hillary Clinton's email scandal.

Stauffer isn't defending Trump.

She knows that Trump should be held accountable for doing things like waving a "senior military officials'" attack plan in front of a writer. Of course Trump is reckless, it's easy to imagine that. There's a fair chance that Trump broke the law, as well.

Trump should probably face consequences if he did things he shouldn't have done. Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden should have as well. They probably never will though, and that's the issue.