Biden Administration To Loosen Marijuana Laws

 December 27, 2023

President Joe Biden just proved once again why he should not be in the Oval Office.

According to the Guardian, Biden plans to loosen laws surrounding marijuana regulation, shifting marijuana to the minimally restrictive Schedule III on the Controlled Substance Act.

Marijuana was previously part of Schedule I.

So, what does this mean?

According to the Guardian, this loosening of marijuana laws “would lessen the tax burden on businesses selling the drug in states where it is legal and potentially change how police agencies view enforcement of marijuana laws.”

However, according to the deputy director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Paul Armentano, this action from the Biden administration wouldn’t change all that much.

That’s because, federally speaking, the drug is still just as illegal as heroin.

“Classifying it as Schedule III would make every existing state cannabis law that’s currently inconsistent with federal law as equally inconsistent going forward. So, it doesn’t solve any of the problems before it,” said Armentano.

No matter how you feel about the legalization of marijuana, you must agree that President Joe Biden is the king of keeping busy without actually getting anything useful done.

We need someone in the White House who creates policies that make a difference.

We need former President Donald Trump.