Biden administration breaks numerous, regrettable immigration records in 2023

 December 24, 2023

The diagnosis when it comes to President Joe Biden's handling of the southern border crisis is in, and it is a dire one indeed, with record numbers of unlawful entries being recorded over the course of the past year, along with a host of other dangerous milestones, as Breitbart reports.

One of the most staggering statistics for anyone concerned about the influx of arrivals overwhelming the country's resources is the one that reveals upwards of 5,000 individuals achieving release into the nation's interior on a daily basis.

As Breitbart points out, that amounts to 150,000 migrants moving into all corners of the country each and every month, often without any way to track their activities or whereabouts.

Another alarming aspect of Biden's open borders is the fact that in FY 2023 alone, agents from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported apprehending over 35,000 attempted arrivals who already had criminal convictions on their records.

What's more, hundreds of those individuals were members of known gangs, including the brutal MS-13 organization with origins in El Salvador.

In light of recently escalating tensions in the Middle East, the border capture this year of 169 individuals whose names appear on the federal “Terrorist Watch List” has also raised serious red flags among those standing in opposition to the administration's unwillingness to enforce immigration law.

That figure represents a 2500% increase from the number of watch list captures during former President Donald Trump's tenure in office, the outlet further explains.

Rep. Mark Green (R-TN), chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, put things in stark terms, asking, “How many others have slipped by as Border Patrol agents have increasingly been pulled off the line to process illegal alients crossing the border?”

“How many violent criminals and gang members are now at large in our communities?” he further inquired.

Perhaps the most stunning statistic from 2023, in terms of sheer volume, is the one reporting 2.5 million encounters with illegal arrivals at the southern border alone, with a total of 3.2 encounters declared nationwide.

As Breitbart notes, a useful comparison to that number is the tally of annual births in the U.S., which stands at roughly 4 million, meaning that the delta between illegal arrivals and newborn American citizens is narrowing by a significant degree.

These extremely worrisome data points have not escaped the notice of the electorate, as The Hill recently reported, with Biden's approval rating on the issue of immigration plummeting eight points just since November.

That decline was noted in a recent Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll, which found that only 38% of respondents approved of the president's approach to immigration, a drop from 46% who said the same during the prior month.

With upwards of 1 in every 3 voters also naming immigration as one of the most crucial issues facing the country at present, and 60% stating that Trump offers better immigration policies to Biden's, the incumbent president clearly has his work cut out for him when it comes to the election battle that lies ahead.