Biden Admin Sent Congress "Incomplete" Records During Investigation

 January 10, 2024

President Joe Biden and his State Department have some serious questions to answer.

Recently, the State Department delivered “incomplete” records for an investigation surrounding the censorship of conservative voices.

Republicans of the House Small Business Committee are furious -- and justifiably so.

Why did the State Department decide to hand over only a portion of the records that had been requested?

What were officials trying to hide?

House Small Business Committee Chairman Roger Williams and Rep. Beth Van Duyne sent a letter to Global Engagement Center (GEC) Special Envoy and Coordinator, James Rubin.

“Despite your recent claim that ‘[w]e are not in the business of deciding what is true or not true,’ the third parties receiving GEC funds focus overwhelmingly on ‘right-wing misinformation’ rather than misinformation across the political spectrum. It is clear the Biden Administration considers itself the arbiter of truth,” the letter said.

Van Duyne and Williams are right on the money.

The Biden administration is the real liar here.