Biden Admin Pressured WhatsApp To Censor Big Pharma Skeptics: Report

 March 25, 2023

The revelations started when Elon Musk took over Twitter and started exposing the pressure that our liberal federal government puts on our social media companies to make sure Americans are acting and thinking the way the government wants.

The first installments of the "Twitter Files" were a huge shock to the nation, and similar revelations haven't stopped coming yet.

New emails revealed through the Missouri v. Biden court case prove that Joe Biden's team urged Mark Zuckerberg to censor private communications on Meta's WhatsApp messaging service.

Meta has been known to censor certain viewpoints in their apps before. Back before the Brazilian presidential election of 2018, WhatsApp banned 100,000 accounts amid stories that supporters of populist candidate Jair Bolsonaro were spreading "misinformation."

What's to stop WhatsApp from doing something like that in America? Absolutely nothing.

We're simply trusting them that they will respect our freedoms, and I can't think of a worse idea than trusting Mark Zuckerberg when he teams up with our federal government.