Biden Admin Keeps Dodging Chinese Spy Balloon Questions

 April 7, 2023

Montana Republican Senator Steve Daines just wanted some answers about the strange Chinese Spy Balloon that invaded America back in early February.

The White House refused to give him those answers. According to Daines, that's just because they're "more interested in covering up the truth."

Back on Feb. 10, Daines requested answers to ten simple questions he had about the whole ordeal, such as "why the balloon was allowed to enter U.S. airspace, how close it got to Montana's Malmstrom Air Force Base and missile silos, and what other sensitive national security and military sites it flew over."

He has yet to receive an answer to a single one of them.

"The Pentagon's response to my questions regarding the Chinese spy balloon fiasco shows the administration is more interested in covering up the truth and hoping it goes away than leveling with the American people, admitting where mistakes were made and working to ensure it never happens again," Daines said.

As if we needed even more reason not to trust our federal government.